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Sleep Apnea and snoring can affect your sleep cycle and have debilitating effects on your work and personal life.

This condition can also have effects on your partner’s sleep and wellbeing.

Snoring simply occurs when the muscles relax, constricting the airway temporarily. When breathing the movement of air causes the muscles to vibrate resulting in noise.  This condition has no effect on oxygen levels getting to the your lungs. Most people who snore have learnt not to let this affect their sleep, however, it usually has an impact on their partners.

Sleep Apnea is a more serious condition. There are different levels of severity and occurs when the muscles relax and partially or completely constricts the windpipe, thus cutting off your oxygen supply. This can result in frequent episodes of totally obstructed breathing known as, Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

This obstruction can last for 10 seconds and repeat around 7 times an hour so approximately 30-300 times a night. This reduces blood oxygen levels and raises your heart rate and blood pressure.

  • Sleepy during the day
  • Impaired job performance
  • Impaired digestive performance
  • Reduced appetite

How can we help?

Our dentists at High Oaks Dental Practice have studied this condition and are able to help guide a patient to seeking the appropriate investigations by sleep specialists and treatments.

In simple Snoring or Mild Sleep Apnea patients, the use of a mandibular advancement splint made at our clinic can be made which helps keep the jaw elevated during sleeping, thus preventing the muscles collapsing and constricting the airway when they relax.

In more complex sleep apnea we can make a splint on prescription by a sleep specialist.

The device usually lasts 1-2 years if well looked after and can vastly improve your wellbeing and that of your family’s.

Click Here for prices of our different splints.

Interested in talking to our dentist about snoring?

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