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We at High Oaks Dental have upgraded our facilities to provide laser dentistry.

Laser dentistry is used to improve and achieve the best soft tissue finishing to complement crown and bridgework and implant dentistry.

The laser we have introduced has a multitude of uses including:

  1. Tooth Whitening – In surgery
  2. Depigmentation (Gum Bleaching)
  3. Ulcer treatment
  4. Periodontic LAPT Laser Assisted Periodontal Treatment
  5. TMJ Disorder relief
  6. Gum Troughing for crowns (To improve dental impressions and thus accuracy of indirect restoration fit)
  7. Oral Herpes, mucositis and lichen planus treatment
  8. Endodontic (Root canal disinfection)
  9. Crown lengthening
  10. Frenectomy
  11. Pericorinitis treatment
  12. Operculectomy (Wisdom tooth gum removal)
  13. Gingivectomy
  14. Gingivoplasty
  15. Implant exposure

The benefits for using Laser:

  • Less traumatic and less bleeding
  • Less time required for the procedure
  • Reduced scarring
  • Less anaesthetic
  • Faster healing
  • No stiches required
  • More accurate results creating better cosmetic finishing

Our dentists are members of the British Institute of Laser Dentistry (BILD) and are at the forefront in providing these treatments.

For a CONSULTATION with our dentists call our team today on 01727 893 430 or email us at to arrange your appointment today.

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