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Smile again with Dental implants. Say goodbye to missing teeth and dentures. Dental implants restore quality of life and help give you your bite back.

A dental implant is the placement of a titanium post into the jaw bone. Titanium has a great history in integrating with bone is routinely used in hip replacements.

In the same way, the dental implant osseo-integrates with the bone to become rigid. Once firmly placed in the bone, a crown is either screwed in or cemented to the implant.

An implant can replace one tooth or a few teeth with either a single implant or a range of teeth such as an implant supported bridge or denture.

Our specialists have vast experience in placing dental implants to not only fill a gap but to make it as natural as possible.

All on 4

Fed up with dentures? Are your teeth so heavily restored that you will be resided to dentures?

All on 4 treatments means you will no longer require to settle with removable dentures. This treatment gives you a permanent fixed prosthesis to replace an entire row of teeth.

With the placement of 4 implants, a bridge (created by our master technicians) is screwed in place. In some cases, you can walk out on the same day with your smile restored and in place.

All on 2

Latest European guidelines recommend the use of 2 dental implants in the lower jaw to help retain lower dentures. The implants will either be connected by a metal bar, or 2 clips which help the denture lock in position.

Socket preservation treatment

Dental implants need good height and width of bone to be placed.  The moment a tooth is removed the bone which held the tooth in place starts receding and getting smaller.

This means from the moment your tooth is removed an implant is recommended. Sometimes this is not possible; so socket preservation treatment is completed to hold the bone in position so reduce the rate of bone loss. This can allow an implant to be placed at a later date without further implications and treatments.

When socket preservation is undertaken the tooth is removed ‘atraumatically’. This means we use tiny instruments, called periotomes, to loosen the tooth whilst ensuring the surrounding bone is not disturbed.

CT Scan

We currently use CTDent in Harley Street to complete our CT Scans and reports. This scan allows our specialist or implant dentist to plan exactly where the implant will be placed to achieve the best results. Sometimes a stent will be recommended from the scan to ensure the implant is placed at the correct angulation. All these steps are undertaken for your safety and success


After having an implant placed, it does require good oral hygiene and maintenance. You will be given a recommended maintenance plan on completion of the treatment which ordinarily includes:

  • Brushing and flossing around the implant twice daily for 2 minutes
  • Regular 3 monthly or 6 monthly hygienist visits
  • Regular 3 monthly or 6 monthly dentist visits
  • Review of your implant at 1 year, 3 year and 5 years (usually carried out at your dental check-up).


Implant cost - £2500
Deposit £500 0% finance plan over 12 months = £167/month
(this does not reflect any additional treatment that may be required e.g bone grafting, socket preservation, connective tissue grafting etc.)

For more information or a free consultation for dental implants please contact us on or call our team on 01727893430.

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