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Composite white fillings are cosmetic fillings which can be used to either fill cavities or create artistic veneers on front teeth. Also known as bonding these are the most conservative filling material of choice.

Cavities occur from tooth decay, trauma, chipped or worn teeth or to replace silver mercury fillings.

Composite white fillings are bonded to enamel and dentine. As we can achieve such a strong bond between the tooth and the filling only the decay and unsupported part of the tooth is removed, and sound healthy tooth is left remaining. This is known as a conservative preparation design which is beneficial to the health and longevity of the tooth.

To ensure our cosmetic dentists achieve the highest bond strength we prime the cavity with aaluminium oxide spray to remove sharp edges and to clean the tooth to a microscopic level. We use 5th generation bonding systems which have won awards.


We even use award-winning light cure machines to set the material in layers.


LED Curing Light composite bonding

Alternatively, composite bonding can be used on front teeth to create veneers. Our talented dentists use a number of different colour white fillings and layer them to create a natural beautiful tooth. This is more conservative, less destructive than traditional porcelain veneers.

If well maintained with good oral hygiene and flossing, white composite fillings can last at least 5-7 years without any issues.

High Oaks Dental Practice only uses top rated products, both Venus Pearl and GC Gaenial composites.

Our dentists adhere to a strict protocol when placing the fillings to ensure we can achieve maximum success rates from our fillings.

Our dentists have undertaken extensive training to make placing white fillings an art form, creating fillings to appear as natural and lifelike as possible so only you and they will ever know where your fillings are.

All our treatments come with a 1 year guarantee unless otherwise stated.

Click here to see our cosmetic work with composite white fillings.

Compare White Fillings vs Silver Mercury Fillings

  • Conservative preparation
  • Bonded filling
  • Natural appearance
  • Non-metal material based
  • Stress reliever – supporting the tooth
  • further preparation required to ‘lock’ filling in place
  • Mechanically ‘locked’ filling
  • Silver/black colour
  • Metal Alloy including mercury
  • Stress raiser – induces stress fractures over time which can result in further tooth fracture

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