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Resumption of Hygiene Clinics

24 Nov 2020

During the Covid-19 crisis and initial lockdown you will probably be aware of some of the issues we have faced in dentistry. From PPE shortages and working in a high risk environment leading to practices eventually having to close their doors until 8th June; to re-opening and being faced with a world of new working … Continue reading Resumption of Hygiene Clinics

Invisalign Discounts Open Day

10 Oct 2016

Have you wanted straighter teeth but didn’t know where to start? Not keen on dental veneers? Too old for traditional metal braces? Clear braces by Invisalign are the best alternative to braces to straighten teeth.   Our dentists have been working alongside Invisalign for years now and together have created exclusive discounts for our patients … Continue reading Invisalign Discounts Open Day

Saturday Dental Hygienist

13 Jun 2016

Our talented dental hygienist, Lucy Murray, now has a Saturday clinic once a month for any patients seeking dental hygiene treatments. The St Albans clinic is open 9.00-2.00pm every month and new patients are welcome to join. Lucy not only treats general hygiene patients but also patients suffering from gum disease, severe staining and implant … Continue reading Saturday Dental Hygienist

Find A St Albans Dentist

08 Jun 2016

High Oaks Dental Practice St Albans is located within a small parade of convenience shops at the north of St Albans. We are located off Green Lane which can be joined from Batchworth Drive on one end and Harpenden Road on the other. Being located near Batchwood Sports and Golf course we are surrounded by lots … Continue reading Find A St Albans Dentist

5 Benefits for choosing Invisalign Braces

25 May 2016

Our St Albans dentists provide Invisalign braces, which are our nearly invisible brace system which effectively straightens teeth. Invisalign braces in St Albans has proved hugely popular. We offer a full range of braces in St Albans to fit each of our patient’s lifestyles. 5 Benefits to choosing Invisalign Clear Braces with us:     … Continue reading 5 Benefits for choosing Invisalign Braces

Digital Dentist St Albans

21 May 2016

With the future being digital, technology constantly advancing and improving workflows, St Albans dentistry is also improving and investing in these new technologies to ensure our patients receive only the best quality of care possible. We already upgraded our radiograph systems to being digital for the past 10 years meaning all our patients receive a … Continue reading Digital Dentist St Albans

Book An Appointment

17 May 2016

Looking for a new dentist? With our experienced, dedicated family dentists we are great for the whole family. Our dentists are able to provide a broad spectrum of general dental services and advanced cosmetic treatments and we are more than happy to discuss all your options.   Why not book online? You can book … Continue reading Book An Appointment

Private dentist clinic St Albans

15 May 2016

Our private dental clinic is now open in St Albans. Our private St Albans dentists are available on Monday and Tuesday evenings, and Saturdays. We already have a growing list of dental patients wishing to visit after work and on weekends to have their dental check ups, hygienist and dental treatments so they don’t have to … Continue reading Private dentist clinic St Albans

Don’t fear the Dentist any more

09 May 2016

Our St Albans Dental Phobia clinic is up and running and we are treating more patients each week with varying levels of anxiety, nervousness and fears. Nervous patients are visiting us from St Albans, Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead, Welwyn Garden City, Luton and Watford. Our St Albans dentists listen to your concerns, anxieties and dental problems. … Continue reading Don’t fear the Dentist any more

7 Ways to manage Tooth Sensitivity

01 Feb 2016

Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common problems dental patients have. Tooth sensitivity can affect just one tooth or all teeth. Most people experience sensitivity when drinking hot, cold, sweet or sour, and that pain quickly spreads deep into nerve endings of your teeth.   Causes of Sensitivity Tooth sensitivity arises when gums recede … Continue reading 7 Ways to manage Tooth Sensitivity

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