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Resumption of Hygiene Clinics

During the Covid-19 crisis and initial lockdown you will probably be aware of some of the issues we have faced in dentistry. From PPE shortages and working in a high risk environment leading to practices eventually having to close their doors until 8th June; to re-opening and being faced with a world of new working procedures, PPE protocols and ways of operating.

Unfortunately this has meant that we were unable to offer a full range of services for many months, including our ever-popular hygiene clinics with Lucy Murray and Michelle Rodrigues. We are now pleased to be able to announce that our hygiene clinics are back in full swing after an initial trial period and Lucy & Michelle can’t wait to be able to welcome all of their patients back for appointments!

Please do contact us if you are due or overdue a hygiene appointment and we will be more than happy to arrange this for you. We are welcoming new and existing patients to the practice.



Monday and Thursday

9am-1pm, 2pm-5pm


Alternate Saturdays



Standard hygiene – £75

Extended hygiene (suitable for periodontal disease) – £135

To book please contact or call 01727 893430.

*Please note a deposit is payable upon booking. All deposits are refundable subject to our cancellation policy, where we ask for 48 hours’ notice of all cancellations where reasonable. This is at the clinician or practice manager’s discretion.

Invisalign Discounts Open Day

Have you wanted straighter teeth but didn’t know where to start?

Not keen on dental veneers?

Too old for traditional metal braces?

Clear braces by Invisalign are the best alternative to braces to straighten teeth.


Our dentists have been working alongside Invisalign for years now and together have created exclusive discounts for our patients to receive the latest in secret teeth straightening treatments. Save up to £1000 in treatments and with our accommodating finance plans makes our treatments really affordable to most people.


Treatments can last from 14 weeks – 6 months -1 year depending on the complexity of your alignment and has a minimal impact on your lifestyle. Friends and family won’t believe how straight your teeth become in such a short amount of time.


To find out more come along to our Open Day’s  – Saturday 19th November or Saturday 26th November – and meet with our friendly experienced team.

We do ask you arrange an appointment with us by email/telephone so our team can personally assess and discuss your expectations and desires for straighter teeth.


savings ad2

Saturday Dental Hygienist

Our talented dental hygienist, Lucy Murray, now has a Saturday clinic once a month for any patients seeking dental hygiene treatments.

The St Albans clinic is open 9.00-2.00pm every month and new patients are welcome to join.

Lucy not only treats general hygiene patients but also patients suffering from gum disease, severe staining and implant patients.

Lucy frequently attends lectures and seminars by our local specialists to ensure she is up to date with the latest techniques in ensuring and maintaining oral hygiene.


Our air-conditioned surgeries are equipped with the latest tools which are customisable to each patients sensitivity levels. Please ensure you inform our team if you do suffer from teeth sensitivity so we can make preparations to accommodate your visit and make it as comfortable as possible.


for more information about Lucy and her ‘Fresh Breath’ clinic click here
If you would like to book online click here

Or if you wish to contact our team for a callback please click here.

We look forward to welcoming you to High Oaks Dental Practice.


N.B. Advanced payment is required to confirm all saturday appointments.

We require at least 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel and rebook your appointment.

Find A St Albans Dentist

High Oaks Dental Practice St Albans is located within a small parade of convenience shops at the north of St Albans.

We are located off Green Lane which can be joined from Batchworth Drive on one end and Harpenden Road on the other.

Being located near Batchwood Sports and Golf course we are surrounded by lots of green fields and have a calming relaxed atmosphere.

We are located a short drive from Harpenden and Redbourn and an approximate 15 minutes from Hemel Hempstead.



Local schools to us are where we have children visit us for check ups are:


St Albans Girls School

Townsend Church of England

Batchwood School

Garden Fields JMI School

Sandringham School

Beaumont School

Bern ands Heath School.


Our team at High Oaks Dental look forward to meeting you and your family soon for a dental check up.



5 Benefits for choosing Invisalign Braces

Our St Albans dentists provide Invisalign braces, which are our nearly invisible brace system which effectively straightens teeth. Invisalign braces in St Albans has proved hugely popular. We offer a full range of braces in St Albans to fit each of our patient’s lifestyles.

5 Benefits to choosing Invisalign Clear Braces with us:


compare the braces


Straightening your teeth without anyone noticing

Continue eating whatever you want

Minimal tooth and gum irritation

Maintaining a healthy mouth during treatment

Reduced number of visits to your dentists

Digital Dentist St Albans

With the future being digital, technology constantly advancing and improving workflows, St Albans dentistry is also improving and investing in these new technologies to ensure our patients receive only the best quality of care possible.

We already upgraded our radiograph systems to being digital for the past 10 years meaning all our patients receive a small fraction of radiation when taking these x-rays in comparison to traditional methods. Our systems are so advanced we also receive referrals from other st albans and harpenden  dental practices to take x-rays of their patients. This limitation of radiation is how we keep our patients safe.

Digital xrays


Our St Albans Dental team have now upgraded all the orthodontic systems to be able to provide a digital orthodontic planning service.

This means that once you have decided on which brace system you prefer, your dentist will take a set of impressions of your teeth. These will be uploaded to digital models and your treatment can be planned completely digitally. We can even show the what we expect the end result to be using these latest methods. This planning allows us to communicate what we can achieve and to help you visualise what your end result will be.

This service is now included within all of our braces packages FREE.

For more information about our different st albans braces packages we offer click here

space wise digital dental st albans


Book An Appointment

Looking for a new dentist? With our experienced, dedicated family dentists we are great for the whole family. Our dentists are able to provide a broad spectrum of general dental services and advanced cosmetic treatments and we are more than happy to discuss all your options.



Why not book online?

You can book a private dental check up or dental hygienist appointment in our dedicated out-of-hours clinics.



Why not request a callback?

Fill out this form and one of our friendly receptionists will call you at a time that is convenient so you can book your dental appointment for you or the whole family.


Why not call us?

Call us on 01727 893430 to register or book a dental appointment.


Our St Albans Dentists have dedicated Emergency Dental Appointments available.

Private dentist clinic St Albans

Our private dental clinic is now open in St Albans.

Our private St Albans dentists are available on Monday and Tuesday evenings, and Saturdays.

We already have a growing list of dental patients wishing to visit after work and on weekends to have their dental check ups, hygienist and dental treatments so they don’t have to leave work early.

Our facilities maintain the highest standards with the latest equipment and materials.

With our TVs in the surgeries we can develop your bespoke dental treatment plan together and ensure we can achieve a cosmetic and functional result in all cases.

Our dentists provide top quality private dental treatments at affordable prices and accept most insurance plans. We also offer 0% finance plans on treatment plans over £600.

Don’t fear the Dentist any more

Our St Albans Dental Phobia clinic is up and running and we are treating more patients each week with varying levels of anxiety, nervousness and fears. Nervous patients are visiting us from St Albans, Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead, Welwyn Garden City, Luton and Watford.

Our St Albans dentists listen to your concerns, anxieties and dental problems. We gently look at your teeth and gums and only undertake the investigations you are comfortable with. With this information we develop a bespoke plan to address any problems and delivery high quality dental treatments in a comfortable, safe environment.

We have our own medical anaesthetics consultant who administers and monitors any IV sedation treatment we provide so our dentist can focus on you and your teeth.

1 in 7 people are anxious of the dentist and we ensure those 1 in 7 people also have access to a friendly and caring dentist.

We hope to see you soon

7 Ways to manage Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common problems dental patients have. Tooth sensitivity can affect just one tooth or all teeth. Most people experience sensitivity when drinking hot, cold, sweet or sour, and that pain quickly spreads deep into nerve endings of your teeth.


Causes of Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity arises when gums recede and expose the underlying dentin. Dentin is the soft layer of tooth located beneath tooth enamel. There are thousands of tiny tubes within the dentin leading to the tooth’s pulp and nerve center. These tubes allow sensations of hot and cold to reach the nerve, causing sudden pain. Sensitive teeth can be caused by a multitude of things including wear and tear due to brushing too hard, tooth decay, gingivitis leading to gum recession, chipped or broken teeth, teeth grinding, tooth whitening products, age, plaque buildup, and eating acidic foods. The big take away is that all of these factors listed expose dentin, which ultimately can cause tooth sensitivity.


Toothpaste Choice

Making the correct choice in toothpaste is paramount. Avoid any smokers/whitening toothpastes. These can often make the situation worse.  Toothpastes containing Potassium Nitrate and Flouride is the secret ingredient which helps reduce or eliminate sensitivity in the majority of patients. Enlighten tooth serum and Sensodyne repair and protect tend to be the products of choice in combatting this problem.

.Tooth Serum v2 1000repair-and-protect-390x145

If your teeth persist to be severely sensitive after several days your dentist can help solve the problem. Bonding can be applied to cover exposed root surfaces as well as varnishes. These methods will protect the dentin and prevent any irritants from causing any pain.


  1. Practice good oral hygiene, this can help prevent conditions such as gum disease, which can cause receding gums
  2. Use a toothpaste specially formulated – toothpastes containing potassium nitrate such as Sensodyne Repair and Protect and Enlighten tooth serum.
  3. Don’t brush too hard, electric toothbrushes have pressure indicators
  4. Use a soft toothbrush -preferably one designed especially for sensitive teeth
  5. Avoid acidic foods – that can wear away tooth enamel, such as wine, vinegar, soft drinks
  6. Avoid grinding your teeth – or clenching during the day. Ask you dentist about a mouthguard for night time use.
  7. See you dentist for regular check-ups – dental care recommendations and advice for your sensitive teeth

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