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Category Archives: Cosmetic Treatment

Blogs on all information needed regarding cosmetic dental treatment, from crowns to veneers, bridges, dentures and implants.

Invisalign Discounts Open Day

Have you wanted straighter teeth but didn’t know where to start?

Not keen on dental veneers?

Too old for traditional metal braces?

Clear braces by Invisalign are the best alternative to braces to straighten teeth.


Our dentists have been working alongside Invisalign for years now and together have created exclusive discounts for our patients to receive the latest in secret teeth straightening treatments. Save up to £1000 in treatments and with our accommodating finance plans makes our treatments really affordable to most people.


Treatments can last from 14 weeks – 6 months -1 year depending on the complexity of your alignment and has a minimal impact on your lifestyle. Friends and family won’t believe how straight your teeth become in such a short amount of time.


To find out more come along to our Open Day’s  – Saturday 19th November or Saturday 26th November – and meet with our friendly experienced team.

We do ask you arrange an appointment with us by email/telephone so our team can personally assess and discuss your expectations and desires for straighter teeth.


savings ad2

7 Ways to manage Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common problems dental patients have. Tooth sensitivity can affect just one tooth or all teeth. Most people experience sensitivity when drinking hot, cold, sweet or sour, and that pain quickly spreads deep into nerve endings of your teeth.


Causes of Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity arises when gums recede and expose the underlying dentin. Dentin is the soft layer of tooth located beneath tooth enamel. There are thousands of tiny tubes within the dentin leading to the tooth’s pulp and nerve center. These tubes allow sensations of hot and cold to reach the nerve, causing sudden pain. Sensitive teeth can be caused by a multitude of things including wear and tear due to brushing too hard, tooth decay, gingivitis leading to gum recession, chipped or broken teeth, teeth grinding, tooth whitening products, age, plaque buildup, and eating acidic foods. The big take away is that all of these factors listed expose dentin, which ultimately can cause tooth sensitivity.


Toothpaste Choice

Making the correct choice in toothpaste is paramount. Avoid any smokers/whitening toothpastes. These can often make the situation worse.  Toothpastes containing Potassium Nitrate and Flouride is the secret ingredient which helps reduce or eliminate sensitivity in the majority of patients. Enlighten tooth serum and Sensodyne repair and protect tend to be the products of choice in combatting this problem.

.Tooth Serum v2 1000repair-and-protect-390x145

If your teeth persist to be severely sensitive after several days your dentist can help solve the problem. Bonding can be applied to cover exposed root surfaces as well as varnishes. These methods will protect the dentin and prevent any irritants from causing any pain.


  1. Practice good oral hygiene, this can help prevent conditions such as gum disease, which can cause receding gums
  2. Use a toothpaste specially formulated – toothpastes containing potassium nitrate such as Sensodyne Repair and Protect and Enlighten tooth serum.
  3. Don’t brush too hard, electric toothbrushes have pressure indicators
  4. Use a soft toothbrush -preferably one designed especially for sensitive teeth
  5. Avoid acidic foods – that can wear away tooth enamel, such as wine, vinegar, soft drinks
  6. Avoid grinding your teeth – or clenching during the day. Ask you dentist about a mouthguard for night time use.
  7. See you dentist for regular check-ups – dental care recommendations and advice for your sensitive teeth

Online Booking for New Patients St Albans now available

High Oaks Dental have teamed up with Toothpick.comtoothpick-logo-plain-transparent

to provide a facility for NEW patients in St Albans to book appointments with our dentists and hygienists online.


Online booking for Hygiene appointments

Currently, this facility is only for NEW PATIENTS with the choice of all available hygiene appointments with our hygienist Lucy Murray, including her Saturday diary. When booking an appointment you will be asked to pay the £45 fee online. This will pay for your hygienist appointment or pay towards your Air Jet Polish. Click here to see the excellent results of an Air Jet Polish.

If you are an existing patient and see an appointment slot you wish to book we ask you email us on or contact our reception team on 01727 893 430.


Online booking for Dental appointments

This facility is for NEW PATIENTS who wish to book a dental appointment with either Dr Shilan Shah or Dr Shail Patel for a PRIVATE DENTAL CONSULTATION. These appointments are for their evening and weekend diaries. On booking an online appointment you will be contacted by our reception team to confirm your booking. A fee guide for treatments is available here.

Free consultations are available for braces, facial aesthetics and implants (not with our specialist) with a £20 refundable deposit*.

Unfortunately, online booking is not available for patients seeking NHS treatments yet – but we are working on it.


We hope this new facility is welcomed by patients in St Albans, Hertfordshire and helps improve access for patients.


*This deposit is payable on making the consultation appointment and will be fully refunded after the consultation or can go towards the treatment if you wish. The deposit will not be returned should you fail to attend your consultation.

Dental Implant Clinic Open in St Albans

Our Dental Implant clinic is now open and accepting patients who are interested in having dental implants.

With our specialist oral surgeon, Guy McLellan, you are in safe hands when looking to have a dental implant.

Single implants?

We can restore small spaces with single implants which are fixed to the bone similar to hip replacements. They can appear and function as normal teeth and restore your smile and confidence.

All on 4?

Don’t like wearing dentures? Can’t taste your food anymore? Constantly having to buy and use denture glue? Wobbly dentures?

All on 4 implant treatment is suitable for most patients. It is the placement of 4 implants in the top jaw or bottom jaw. Once these have bonded to the bone (usually after 3 months) a fixed bridge is screwed into place. Your palate is liberated to taste and feel food and your speech is not impeded. This option gives our patients a new lease on life in their oral health.

More information on dental implants and options click here

If you would like a free consultation with our dentists to see if you are suitable for implants please send an email to or alternatively call our reception team on 01727 893 430.

(Please note, consultation with our specialist does have a £140 fee).

Quick Straight Teeth St Albans


High Oaks Dental is happy to be working with a respectable UK orthodontic company to provide quick straight teeth to our patients. Quick Straight Teeth uses both clear removable and clear fixed braces to straighten teeth in between 3-6 months.

Our experienced dentists offer FREE TEETH STRAIGHTENING CONSULTATIONS to discuss the best, most efficient ways of aligning your teeth.

Consultation Appointment 

At your consultation appointment we will discuss your expectations and what can be achieved, all suitable brace options, consent forms, costings and financing your treatment.


First Appointment 

Once you have decided on your desired brace system you will be invited for your initial fitting for braces. This involves taking 10-12 pre op photographs, impressions of your top and bottom teeth. After this all you do is sit tight whilst we complete our planning and create your braces.


Fit Appointment

2 weeks later, on your return we will glue the braces onto your teeth with composite resin and light. This is a pain-free procedure and totally comfortable. This procedure usually last 45mins. You will be provided an instruction sheet on how to care for your new braces and ensure you avoid certain foods which may jeopardise the braces.

fixed picture or Q100


Review Appointment

We review your braces every 3-4 weeks and make adjustments and replace wires or trays to improve the position of your teeth.




After approximately 6 months your treatment will be complete at which point the braces are removed, the teeth are cleaned, and the retainers are placed.


Our team will then wish you well as you enjoy smiling with your straighter teeth!


Invisalign Braces At High Oaks Dental

Invisalign, Invisible Braces St Albans

Our dentists at High Oaks Dental Practice St Albans offer the popular Invisalign clear braces. These are near invisible braces that straighten teeth for adults and children.

Invisalign is a U.S. company founded in 2001 and is used globally by dentists. Our dentists have a vast amount of experience in providing this system, with over 7 years of experience and successfully treating 100s of patients.

Invisalign uses a series of clear braces manufactured by CAD- CAM systems to straighten teeth

These clear braces need to be worn constantly throughout the day (approximately 20-22 hours per day) and only removed for eating and brushing your teeth.

Invisalign is a complete package which straightens the top and bottom teeth simultaneously. It is the only system which creates a computer designed ‘movie’ called a ‘ClinCheck’ allowing patients to see the predicted movement of their teeth until they are straight.


clincheck invisalign high oaks dental


Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 09.46.38

Our Invisalign Dentists in St Albans, offer the full Invisalign product range.

Invisalign i7 7 trays 14 weeks Minor crowding
Invisalign Lite 14 trays 28 Weeks Minor to moderate crowding
Invisalign Full Unlimited 6month-2 years Moderate – severe crowding
Invisalign Teen Unlimited 6months- 2 years Moderate –severe crowding including free tray replacements

How much does Invisalign Clear Braces cost?

Invisalign i7 £1650
Invisalign Lite £2450
Invisalign Full/Teen £3500-3999

Retainers are required after any orthodontic treatment – £150 each.

Finance plans are available (subject to acceptance) with upto 12 month 0% interest.

For a standard Invisalign Full treatment plan including retainers – £3500+£150+£150 = £3800

Under Finance Terms = £316 per month

Are you suitable for braces?

Every patient presents differently and have different expectations. At High Oaks Dental Practice we welcome all patients to visit for a FREE CONSULTATION, where we can assess your suitability and provide all brace options, so you can make the best choice for your lifestyle. No one is too old to have straighter teeth!

Risks of Braces?

With all orthodontic and brace systems we offer and those provided by orthodontists there are risks. Common risks include:

  • Decayed teeth if not cleaned
  • Gum Disease if not cleaned effectively
  • Root resorption
  • Tooth Devitalisation

All risks will be highlighted in our braces pack provided at your initial appointment.

We hope you have found our blog useful and informative. If you have decided to have Invisalign clear braces we hope to see you very soon.

If you would like any further information please contact our team on 01727 893 430 or email us at

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