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5 Benefits for choosing Invisalign Braces

Our St Albans dentists provide Invisalign braces, which are our nearly invisible brace system which effectively straightens teeth. Invisalign braces in St Albans has proved hugely popular. We offer a full range of braces in St Albans to fit each of our patient’s lifestyles.

5 Benefits to choosing Invisalign Clear Braces with us:


compare the braces


Straightening your teeth without anyone noticing

Continue eating whatever you want

Minimal tooth and gum irritation

Maintaining a healthy mouth during treatment

Reduced number of visits to your dentists

Digital Dentist St Albans

With the future being digital, technology constantly advancing and improving workflows, St Albans dentistry is also improving and investing in these new technologies to ensure our patients receive only the best quality of care possible.

We already upgraded our radiograph systems to being digital for the past 10 years meaning all our patients receive a small fraction of radiation when taking these x-rays in comparison to traditional methods. Our systems are so advanced we also receive referrals from other st albans and harpenden  dental practices to take x-rays of their patients. This limitation of radiation is how we keep our patients safe.

Digital xrays


Our St Albans Dental team have now upgraded all the orthodontic systems to be able to provide a digital orthodontic planning service.

This means that once you have decided on which brace system you prefer, your dentist will take a set of impressions of your teeth. These will be uploaded to digital models and your treatment can be planned completely digitally. We can even show the what we expect the end result to be using these latest methods. This planning allows us to communicate what we can achieve and to help you visualise what your end result will be.

This service is now included within all of our braces packages FREE.

For more information about our different st albans braces packages we offer click here

space wise digital dental st albans


Quick Straight Teeth St Albans


High Oaks Dental is happy to be working with a respectable UK orthodontic company to provide quick straight teeth to our patients. Quick Straight Teeth uses both clear removable and clear fixed braces to straighten teeth in between 3-6 months.

Our experienced dentists offer FREE TEETH STRAIGHTENING CONSULTATIONS to discuss the best, most efficient ways of aligning your teeth.

Consultation Appointment 

At your consultation appointment we will discuss your expectations and what can be achieved, all suitable brace options, consent forms, costings and financing your treatment.


First Appointment 

Once you have decided on your desired brace system you will be invited for your initial fitting for braces. This involves taking 10-12 pre op photographs, impressions of your top and bottom teeth. After this all you do is sit tight whilst we complete our planning and create your braces.


Fit Appointment

2 weeks later, on your return we will glue the braces onto your teeth with composite resin and light. This is a pain-free procedure and totally comfortable. This procedure usually last 45mins. You will be provided an instruction sheet on how to care for your new braces and ensure you avoid certain foods which may jeopardise the braces.

fixed picture or Q100


Review Appointment

We review your braces every 3-4 weeks and make adjustments and replace wires or trays to improve the position of your teeth.




After approximately 6 months your treatment will be complete at which point the braces are removed, the teeth are cleaned, and the retainers are placed.


Our team will then wish you well as you enjoy smiling with your straighter teeth!


Invisalign Braces At High Oaks Dental

Invisalign, Invisible Braces St Albans

Our dentists at High Oaks Dental Practice St Albans offer the popular Invisalign clear braces. These are near invisible braces that straighten teeth for adults and children.

Invisalign is a U.S. company founded in 2001 and is used globally by dentists. Our dentists have a vast amount of experience in providing this system, with over 7 years of experience and successfully treating 100s of patients.

Invisalign uses a series of clear braces manufactured by CAD- CAM systems to straighten teeth

These clear braces need to be worn constantly throughout the day (approximately 20-22 hours per day) and only removed for eating and brushing your teeth.

Invisalign is a complete package which straightens the top and bottom teeth simultaneously. It is the only system which creates a computer designed ‘movie’ called a ‘ClinCheck’ allowing patients to see the predicted movement of their teeth until they are straight.


clincheck invisalign high oaks dental


Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 09.46.38

Our Invisalign Dentists in St Albans, offer the full Invisalign product range.

Invisalign i7 7 trays 14 weeks Minor crowding
Invisalign Lite 14 trays 28 Weeks Minor to moderate crowding
Invisalign Full Unlimited 6month-2 years Moderate – severe crowding
Invisalign Teen Unlimited 6months- 2 years Moderate –severe crowding including free tray replacements

How much does Invisalign Clear Braces cost?

Invisalign i7 £1650
Invisalign Lite £2450
Invisalign Full/Teen £3500-3999

Retainers are required after any orthodontic treatment – £150 each.

Finance plans are available (subject to acceptance) with upto 12 month 0% interest.

For a standard Invisalign Full treatment plan including retainers – £3500+£150+£150 = £3800

Under Finance Terms = £316 per month

Are you suitable for braces?

Every patient presents differently and have different expectations. At High Oaks Dental Practice we welcome all patients to visit for a FREE CONSULTATION, where we can assess your suitability and provide all brace options, so you can make the best choice for your lifestyle. No one is too old to have straighter teeth!

Risks of Braces?

With all orthodontic and brace systems we offer and those provided by orthodontists there are risks. Common risks include:

  • Decayed teeth if not cleaned
  • Gum Disease if not cleaned effectively
  • Root resorption
  • Tooth Devitalisation

All risks will be highlighted in our braces pack provided at your initial appointment.

We hope you have found our blog useful and informative. If you have decided to have Invisalign clear braces we hope to see you very soon.

If you would like any further information please contact our team on 01727 893 430 or email us at

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